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    1Rocky Mountain College
    2Park University
    3Concordia University
    4Biola University
    6Missouri Baptist University
    7Northwestern College
    8Columbia College
    9Viterbo University
    10Midland University
    20Wayland Baptist University
    RVOklahoma Baptist University
    1Oklahoma City University
    2Southern Oregon University
    3University of Saint Francis
    4Tennessee Wesleyan
    5Indiana Wesleyan University
    6Olivet Nazarene University
    8California State University-San Marcos
    9Eastern Oregon University
    10University of British Columbia
    18Wayland Baptist University
    RVOklahoma Baptist University
    1University of British Columbia
    2Dordt College
    3Northwest Christian University
    4Lewis-Clark State College
    5California State University-San Marcos
    6Carroll College
    7Oklahoma Baptist University
    8Shawnee State University
    9Taylor University
    10SCAD Savannah
    13Wayland Baptist University
    20Oklahoma City University
    25Texas Wesleyan University
    1University of Rio Grande
    3Lindsey Wilson
    4Indiana Wesleyan University
    5Ashford University
    6Grand View University
    7Davenport University
    8Hastings College
    9Missouri Valley College
    10University of Mobile
    21Univ of Science and Arts of Oklahoma
    2Concordia University
    3Lindsey Wilson
    4Westmont College
    5University of Mobile
    6Spring Arbor University
    7William Carey University
    8University of Northwestern Ohio
    9Benedictine College
    10Vanguard University
    23Univ of Science and Arts of Oklahoma
    RVOklahoma Baptist University
    1Vanguard University
    2University of Pikeville
    3California State University-San Marcos
    4Benedictine College
    5Talladega College
    6St. Gregory's University
    7Columbia College
    8Georgetown College
    9William Carey University
    10Hope International University
    12Oklahoma Baptist University
    21Wayland Baptist University
    RVOklahoma City University
    RVSouthwestern Assemblies of God Univ
    1Oklahoma City University
    3Vanguard University
    4Westminster College of Salt Lake City
    5Campbellsville University
    6Wiley College
    7John Brown University
    8Oklahoma Baptist University
    9Bethel University
    10Baker University
    RVWayland Baptist University
    RVMid America Christian
    1Cumberland Univ.
    2Lewis-Clark State College
    3Oklahoma Wesleyan University
    4Oklahoma Baptist University
    5Faulkner University
    6Georgia Gwinnett College
    7Tabor College
    8Georgetown College
    9Missouri Baptist University
    10Louisiana State University-Shreveport
    16Oklahoma City University
    RVUniv of Science and Arts of Oklahoma
    1Northwood University
    2SCAD Savannah
    3William Woods University
    4Oklahoma City University
    5University of British Columbia
    6University of the Cumberlands
    7Bellevue University
    8University of South Carolina - Beaufort
    9University of Houston - Victoria
    10Dalton State College
    13Wayland Baptist University
    15Texas Wesleyan University
    20Oklahoma Baptist University
    1William Woods University
    2Wayland Baptist University
    3University of British Columbia
    4College of Coastal Georgia
    5Oklahoma City University
    6Johnson & Wales University
    7Grand View University
    8California State University-San Marcos
    9Texas Wesleyan University
    10Concordia University
    12Oklahoma Baptist University