Sooner Athletic Conference
2017-18 Men's Basketball
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Basketball - Men and Women - Fri, Mar. 3, 2017

The nation's premier NAIA basketball conference stages its postseason tournament at Abe Lemons Arena on the campus of Oklahoma City University on March 3-4. You'll want to be part of the action as NAIA Division I Tournament berths will be at stake in the Sooner Athletic Conference men's and women's basketball tournaments. Admission is $10 for adults, $7 for students. 

2017 Sooner Athletic Conference Tournament
MEN -- At campus sites
Tuesday, Feb. 28 -- 
Game 1: 
 (1) Texas Wesleyan defeated (8) Mid-America Christian, 93-60 Boxscore
Game 2: (4) Science and Arts defeated (5) Wayland Baptist, 100-99 OT Boxscore
Game 3: (6) Oklahoma City defeated (3) Southwestern Christian, 87-80 OT Boxscore 
Game 4: (2) Southwestern Assemblies of God defeated John Brown, 76-66 Boxscore

At Abe Lemons Arena, Oklahoma City University
Friday, March 3 -- Semifinals
Game 5:
Science and Arts defeated Texas Weselyan, 80-68 Boxscore
Game 6: Oklahoma City defeated Southwestern Assemblies of God, 68-62  Boxscore

Saturday, March 4 Championship
Game 7: 
Science and Arts defeated Oklahoma City, 93-90 Boxscore

All Tournament Team
Taran Buie, USAO (Most Valuable Player); Brendan Chapman, USAO (Hustle Award); Imani Edwards, USAO; Xavier Smith, OCU; Lou Dunbar,  OCU; Josh Williams, SAGU; Najeal Young, TWU

Tuesday, Feb. 28 -- Quarterfinals
Game 1: 
(1) Oklahoma City defeated (8) Bacone, 70-43 Boxscore 
Game 2: (4) Mid-America Christian defeated (5) Texas Wesleyan, 75-68 Boxscore
Game 3: (6) Science and Arts defeated (3) John Brown 67-62 Boxscore 
Game 4: (2) Wayland Baptist defeated (7) Southwestern Christian, 68-59 Boxscore

At Abe Lemons Arena -- Oklahoma City University
Friday, March 3 -- Semifinals
Game 5: 
Wayland Baptist defeated Science and Arts, 79-62 Boxscore
Game 6: Oklahoma City defeated Mid-America Christian, 96-61 Boxscore

Saturday, March 4 -- Championship
Game 7
: Oklahoma City defefated Wayland Baptist, 86-65 Boxscore

All-Tournament Team
Daniela Wallen, OCU (Most Valuable Player). Daniela Galindo, OCU (Hustle Award); NaShyla Hammons, OCU; Shawna Monreal, WBU; Jade Jones, WBU; Sarai Rodriguez, MACU; Dierra Ely, USAO.


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